Review – Daddy Do My Hair

There’s more to a Girl’s Hair We came across these beautiful books and their author Tola Okogwu over on Instagram.  Of course the books appealed straight away as they’re all about little girls hair. The second, and probably most important reason to have bought these books, is that personally we want both Little Miss Hair […]

Inspiration for the Hair Helper

Hair Tutorial for Bridesmaids this Wedding Season

Has your little girl been asked to be a bridesmaid? Little Miss Hair Helper has had the privilege of being a flower girl/bridesmaid when she was just 14months old. Little Miss Hair Helper, a diddy bridesmaid with a simple bob hairstyle With it being summer in the northern hemisphere, many weddings start to take place […]

Best Brushes

Tackle Tangles with our Top 3 Brush recommendations A good hairbrush is important when looking after your child’s hair.  When you’re a parent doing your child’s hair, the biggest aim, other than achieving a well turned out hairstyle, is to avoid snagging those tangles.  The screams of pure anguish and pain, as the brush snags […]

Clips, Bands and Bobbles

Review – Apryl & Rose We were approached by Allison, of Apryl & Rose, to review a few of her products.  Being big fans of Hair Accessories, because we have somewhere lovely to display them all, we jumped at the opportunity.  We are also big fans of other Mums in business. Allison is a Mum […]

Christmas Hairstyles for little girls

Christmas Wreaths and Candy Canes! December is certainly the month for many things fun and festive, like school Christmas fairs, Christmas jumpers, tree shopping, decorating, Elves on shelves…the list goes on. Of course, a lovely way to finish off any Christmas outfit is with a quick and easy, but festive and fun hairstyle. We’ve come […]

Cute Christmas Clips

Jingle All The Way We love Christmas here in the Hair Helper household!  While I’m thinking of preparations and gifts etc (The Hair Helper cousins are coming to stay!) I’ve also been thinking of hair styles and other fun bits for our blog. In my ponderings, I do love quick and easy, I thought of […]

A Year in

The Hair Helper is ONE! A year ago today, I gave our web designer/developer the go-ahead to make our website LIVE!  That was one of the most nerve wracking and exciting days of my life.  All the blood, sweat, tears, lost sleep, hives (actually the hives took a couple of months to settle) all culminated […]

Say Vamousse to Nits and Lice

We got the dreaded letter home (again!) Within a few days of starting school, the dreaded letter came home to all the children in class asking parents to check their children’s hair for lice and nits, as a case had been spotted.  Fair enough. Except that Little Miss Hair Helper had been deemed the potential […]

Inspiration for the Hair Helper

Keeping the Hair Accessories in the hair

Little ones love to pull their clips and bobbles out If we could come up with a way to keep the clips, bands, bobbles IN the hair once you’ve placed them in your little girls hair, I’m pretty sure that we would be millionaires overnight.  While our Hair Helper is able to organise and store […]

School Hair Accessories

Time for School In chatting to friends, many have expressed and asked about where to source hair accessories for school.  One mum in particular expressed that her young daughter, simply defaulted to plain white hair accessories as she struggled to find anything suitable to go with the school uniform. Now, we are only at the […]